Accounting Software/Technology


Accounting software can be frustrating for many non-profits and small business owners. If you’re interested in having your own accounting software, but don’t know how to select the best application for your business, don’t worry. We can help you.

We’ll meet with you, review your business and then help you select the most efficient and appropriate accounting software package. We’ll also customize it and install it so that you get the output and the results you want and need.

A recommendation for you: if your business is small, we strongly suggest any of the following accounting software choices: QuickBooks (desktop or cloud), Xero, Sage50 (former Peachtree) or Intacct.

 QuickBooks     Why we recommend QuickBooks to our clients:

  • The most popular small business software
  • Ease of use and scalability
  • Online (cloud) version available for a small monthly fee
  • Strong Intuit support
  • Your CPA has a wealth of experience in it

 Ask us for more information about QuickBooks today!

        Why we recommend Xero to our clients:

  • The up and coming small business software
  • Very simple to use and packed with features
  • Online (cloud) version only
  • Compatible with your smartphone and tablet

    Ask us for more information about Xero today!

Intacct     Why we recommend Intacct to our clients: 

  • Offers real-time collaboration with your CPA
  • Reduces costs and boosts productivity
  • Lets your CPA deliver better financial advice
  • Access your financial data – anytime, anywhere

   Ask us for more information about Intacct today!