Rewards Program

Davidoff VIC Loyalty Rewards Program is designed to ensure that our most valued clients are receiving the very best customer service possible and to show our loyal client base how grateful we are for their continued patronage. Our company knows that without you, our esteemed clients, we would not be where we are today.

We are excited to offer this program to our new and existing clients to thank them for helping us grow our business.  You may already be participating in a number of loyalty programs such as the ones offered by supermarkets, airlines and office supplies stores, to name a few.  By joining Davidoff VIC, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  The minute you join Davidoff VIC, you will be granted 25 bonus points.  Then, each time you use our services or participate in certain activities, you earn more points.  The more active you are, the faster you earn points in Davidoff VIC.  Make sure you study the program materials carefully and get back to us with any questions.  Please refer to the reward points table for information on how points are accrued.

When you have a certain number of points accrued, you can redeem them for discounts for our services and other rewards.  Please refer to the redemption table for information on how points are redeemed.

When you become a member of the Davidoff VIC Loyalty Rewards Program, some of the benefits you will enjoy are:

  • Discounts on our services not otherwise available to non-member clients
  • Other rewards such as gift cards and more
  • Priority responses to your e-mails and phone calls
  • Direct access to the Customer Service Manager

We value your thoughts and opinions on all matters, and in fact, I encourage you to reach out to me personally with any ideas, questions, or concerns that you may have at

If for any reason you decide that you would wish to unsubscribe from the Davidoff VIC, simply inform us by e-mailing us at

Thank you for your business and I look forward to long and successful partnership you.

Mike Davidov, CPA