Our mission and philosophy


Our Mission

Our mission – and our goal – is simple: to help you, our client, achieve financial success through sound financial and business decisions. You can consider us your trusted partner … someone who has a vested interest in your success and prosperity. That is our mandate. In fact, we measure our own success, not in the dollars we earn, but in the extra income you enjoy as a direct result of our efforts.

Our Philosophy

Unlike many other CPA firms, we are innovative and utilize a “quality over quantity” approach to meet client needs. When you sign on with us, we treat you as a VIP … whether you’re a big business, a small business, or even an individual consumer. Your satisfaction counts and, hopefully, will lead to repeat assignments and a mutually-rewarding long term business relationship. That’s what we want and we’re willing to work hard – very hard – to get it.

Our rates are very reasonable, especially when compared with larger traditional CPA firms. We rarely raise our rates while our competition routinely raises their rates by 5-7% per year. Also, we offer a 15% discount for new clients and 20% discount for each referral you make. Referral discounts are added on top of any other discounts.

Our client base is a good mix of individual, business and non-profit clients. About 35% of our clients are small businesses, 48% individual clients, and 17% non-profits. We pride ourselves on ability to serve our clients’ needs efficiently, with an excellent price/value ratio and in a very friendly, down-to-earth manner. We almost never bill based on hourly fees so our work is never negatively impacted by bloated hours, as you often see with other professional services firms. You only pay an agreed-upon flat fee no matter how long the work will take. We are very accessible via telephone and e-mail, and our response times are rather short. When you get a live person on the phone, it will almost always be a principal, Mr. Davidov. There is never a charge for a short (under 15 minutes) phone consultation.

We have been in business since 2003 and invariably adhered to principles of personalized customer service, value proposition and going an extra mile.

Our commitment

■ 100% Customer Satisfaction. We pledge to work tirelessly on your behalf.

■ Client Education Matters. We will teach you how to make better financial decisions.

■ Charitable Donations in Your Name. We will provide a portion of our profits to your favorite charity should you direct us to do so … guaranteed!